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Samit Singh, Kurucu Ortak & İcra Kurulu Başkanı

Ürün ve Tasarım

Samit is an experienced web and mobile designer/product developer, who co-founded a messaging app startup called MiniChat, Inc., along with his partner Dondrey. Together, they also created a video and photo app called Tack Video. He has 7+ years of startup experience, having worked at other startups before this. He follows UI/UX design, mobile technology, and emerging technology- especially all the unique ways in which we can explore social interaction and incentivized networks. This is what eventually led to his love of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As of now, he designs DNN's interface and defines its overall experience. Lastly, he has also taken part in running a large scale ETH mining operation with Dondrey.

Dondrey Taylor, Kurucu Ortak & Teknoloji Bölümü Başkanı

Teknoloji & Gelişim

Dondrey is a seasoned web and mobile full stack developer, who was the co-founder and CTO of MiniChat, Inc. He is also one of the creators of Tack Video. He holds a B.S. in Information Technology with a specialization in systems architecture. His passion for blockchain based services began from a love of neural networks. Before creating DNN, he took part in building one of the top Ether mining farms, where he was tasked with building various types of mining rigs. He is currently working on DNN's front-end and back-end codebase (its Ethereum smart contracts) and implementing ways to distribute the DNN application between network nodes.

Mališa Pušonja, Proje Yöneticisi

Ar-Ge Mühendisi @ Devana Labs

Mališa is Chief R&D engineer at Devana Labs, has been working on decentralized platforms for a while. Currently, his main focus is rapid prototyping and MVP development, especially in the context of blockchain/ethereum apps. He loves naming things that no one has named, because he believes that, when you do that you get new patterns and a whole new world. This is especially true in the context of MVP's in the building phase. His two favorite technical debt patterns are human-centric agile methodology™ and Product-Abstractness Continuum Fit. He loves to mix and match this with sacrificial architecture, Strangler patterns, Atwood’s Law, and Dietlzer’s law, in order to plan and execute the best MVP building phase possible.

Andrej Cvoro, Birlik Geliştiricisi

Yazılım Geliştiricisi @ Devana Labs

Andrej is a freelance software developer with more than 10 years of coding experience and a great breadth of technical knowledge and skills. Generally passionate about innovative and leading edge technologies, his current primary focus is on decentralized technologies such as blockchain. He has been following Ethereum platform from its very inception and started doing Solidity development last year.

Uros Radovanovic, , Birlik Geliştiricisi

Yazılım Geliştiricisi @ Devana Labs

Uros is a software developer, working at Devana Labs. He works on various decentralized, secure email services, and is primarily focused in developing encrypted backends. He’s a strong believer in lifetime studying and the fact that anyone he meets knows something that he doesn’t, which means that every person can teach him something new. He is a Junior Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling champion. His big passions are free speech, information security, AI, and dogs.


Justin Festa, Danışman

Dijital Medya Yöneticisi @ LittleThings

Justin is a chief digital officer with years of experience running both product and revenue at LittleThings, the largest women's lifestyle URL on the web. He intimately understands the opportunities and challenges that come from running a platform that reaches millions of people per day. Beyond his digital media experience Justin is a also a programmer who is fascinated by blockchains and believes adamantly in their potential. Festa is a graduate of Lehigh University with a dual major in Computer Science and Business.

Matt Chwierut, Danışman

Araştırma Direktörü @ Smith + Crown

Matt Chwierut is the Research Director at Smith + Crown. He guides a research team in evaluating new cryptocurrency protocols, authoring briefing memos on key emerging topics, and reviewing countless white papers. His background includes research and consulting on emerging technologies, cross-sector innovations, and applied economics.

Rebecca (Grace) Rachmany, Danışman

İcra Kurulu Başkanı @ Gangly Sister LLC

Rebecca (Grace) Rachmany is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Gangly Sister LLC, a new media company with the mission of transforming how girls are portrayed in the media. Grace has held management positions in technology companies for over 25 years, and has served as CEO of Tech Tav and Marketecht, profitable services companies. She recently founded, a service company for the cryptocurrency market. Grace is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Swisscontact, mentoring startups in emerging economies. In the past, she has mentored at Microsoft Ventures and Google Startup Wednesdays. She holds an MBA from Kellogg Northwestern and is a graduate of Anthony Robbins' Business Mastery and Landmark's Team Management and Leadership Program.

Aly Madhavji, Danışman

Kurucu ve Eski İcra Kurulu Başkanı @ Global DCX

Aly Madhavji is the Founder and Former CEO of Global DCX, an innovative technology company launching secure digital currency exchanges across the globe starting in India. He is also an avid investor in early stage companies, digital currencies, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). He has served on various token advisory boards including Polymath and Jet8 and traditional advisory roles including the University of Toronto’s Governing Council. He is an internationally acclaimed author, publishing three books, including the award-winning book titled, “Your Guide to Succeed in University”, as part of the Succeed Series. He has lived and worked across 4 continents (North/South America, Europe, and Asia) with PwC, PayPal, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and INSEAD. He also holds the Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Chartered Investment Manager designations.

Aly is a Schwarzman Scholar, holds a Master’s in Business Administration from INSEAD (Singapore and France), and a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Toronto.

Mayank Banerjee, Danışman

Kurucu ve Baş Teknoloji Sorumlusu @ Compass News

Mayank is the co-Founder and CEO of Compass News. Compass is an AI-driven curation platform, designed to offer an alternative to the echo chambers and fake news of social media. Compass is backed by some of the leading lights in the international media, including the ex-Editor of the Times and former CEO of the Guardian.

Before Compass, Mayank worked at KPMG and was also President of the Oxford Union, a debating society which counts 5 British Prime Ministers as alumni. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, and has experience living and working in India, China and Russia.

Pietro Speroni di Fenizio, PhD, Danışman

Matematikçi & Araştırmacı

Pietro Speroni di Fenizio is a researcher in complex systems. He holds a Ph.D. in bioinformatics, a master's in evolutionary and adaptive systems, and a degree in mathematics. In his research, he specialises in using algebra to understand complex systems and design the rules of complex systems to obtain specific emergent behaviours. In the past, he first focused on artificial life and artificial chemistries and then on voting theory, e-participation, and consensus building, constantly aiming in developing tools that were mathematically fair to all participants. Some of those tools were then used by Italian institutions. More recently, his focus has shifted toward governance on the blockchain and how to build self-governing tools for DAOs.

Dario D'Aprile, Danışman

Kurucu @ Human and Machine

Dario is the founder of Human and Machine ltd, a customer experience and product strategy studio that helps teams to design and roll out innovative services. Dario implemented successful digital publishing programmes for National Geographic and News International, and brought early stage startups to profitability and international markets. His products and services have been used by over 800 million people worldwide: this has led to him receiving over 20 creative awards, including a W3 award and a Grammy.

Richard Mills, PhD, Danışman

Sosyal Bilimci @ University of Cambridge

Richard Mills is a social scientist who studies peer production and online community governance. Richard is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and Director of Research for the WikiRate project. He holds a PhD and Mres in Applied Social Statistics, as well as a Bsc and Msc in Psychology. Richard's PhD research focuses on applying large scale data science techniques to understand how a platforms' structures and algorithms influences the characteristics of resources produced by user interactions on sites like Reddit and the Stack Exchange. Richard has created various detailed case studies outlining how user engagement through the design, structures, and algorithms of a platform, influences the kind of community-made resources it creates. Since completing his PhD, Richard has been applying this knowledge to the design of, an open community platform which facilitates collaborative research to understand corporate impacts. Richard also works on the Whistle project, which is building an app to facilitate the reporting and verification of reports of human rights violations.



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